Vector Art vs Raster Art

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Any art that is created by using vector illustration software is called vector art. Vectors are digital shapes (lines and curves) and a mathematical equation is applied to create an image.

You should have a clear concept of the vector art and how it is different from raster graphics. Raster graphics consist of pixels. When you enlarge a raster image, you can lose its quality. Any photo taken from your mobile or camera is a raster image. You can easily analyse if it is a vector image or a raster image by looking at the edges. In case of vector art, edges will appear smooth, no matter how much you enlarge these images. Most commonly file format for raster image is jpg while for vector art, file formats are SVG, EPS, and Al.

You must understand that how to vectorize an image. There are several steps to vectorize an image. First step to vectorize an image is choosing an image. Secondly, selection of an image trace preset that corresponds to the images that you have chosen to convert . Third step is vectorization of the image with an image trace. Now your image is in the tracing process. In step fourth, just fine-tune the conversion, Select "Mode" to switch between colors, greyscale, black and white. In step five, select ungroup in the menu. By doing so, you can separate your color shapes into individual parts. In step six, edit your vector Image, and lastly, save the image. Now your vector image is ready.

Vector art is given priority to raster because of its clearness and high- quality. You just need to create a vector image once and you can change its size according to your requirement whether it is a banner or a business card. Vector art is used in creating images for logos, banners, apps, websites, illustrations etc..