Galaxy Digitizing treats the personal information of its clients as completely confidential and is committed to fully ensuring that their privacy is protected. Here’s an overview of our privacy policy, which highlights how we use and protect our client’s information – by submitting their personal information, all clients explicitly agree to our privacy policy:

1. A client’s personal information is only required once they have decided to register to send inquiries, requests for quotes or submit their order(s). Information needed includes - contact name, company name, email, phone/fax and billing address (as needed).

2. The requested personal information is utilized for processing quotes, orders, payments, and inquiries. Clients’ feedback may also be utilized at their discretion for testimonials and for upgrading their service offering. If they accept, we may also use clients’ contact information to provide them with promotional emails and special offers on our products and services.

3. We have state-of-the-art electronic and management systems and procedures keep the information we collect secure. We utilize fully secure servers which encrypt all information.

4. We do not sell or distribute client information to third parties unless required by law. We do use third parties to maintain and store client’s information and to process payments. That said, these affiliates are not authorized to use client information for anything other than providing the requisite service(s).

Note For Beers/Wines/Hard Liquors
It is very unfortunate due to the death of our owner's son from a drunken driver we are not doing designs which promote Beers/Wines/Hard Liquors. It has been a severe shock for him. Your understanding in this matter will be greatly appreciated. We apologize for this inconvenience.