How Does Embroidery Digitizing Work

Embroidery Digitizing USA

Embroidery digitizing is a method by which any hand-drawn picture is converted into a digital file that is stitched on fabric by the embroidery machine.

It is not as simple as digital graphics. An embroidery file must specify the stitch order of the components, the start and end point of stitches, color, style, length, and density of stitches. Embroidery digitizing is a wonderful experience. Before digitizing , always prepare a plan to make your work hassle free. For example, think about what you are embroidering on, how the design looks like, what colors will you use to make that design, etc. After evaluating these factors, import a good-quality image.

The basic steps for embroidery digitizing are as follows.

Step 1: Upload the image to the software.
Step 2: Set the size of the embroidery design .
Step 3: Select stitching type.
Step 4: Set stitch direction.
Step 5: Set thread color.
Step 6:Transfer the file to an embroidery machine.

For embroidery digitizing , your artwork should be perfect to produce an admirable look. An embroidery digitizer must examine the artwork whether it needs to be edited. Many designs need to be simplified or revised. Choosing stitch type must be taken into concern. The stitch type which is used most commonly are straight stitch, satin stitch, and fill stitch depending upon the requirements.

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