Where to get a logo digitized for embroidery?

Logo Digitized for Embroidery

Logo digitization is a complex process in which any brand icon or logo is converted into a stitch file that is transferred to a garment through an embroidery machine. This whole procedure to digitize a logo takes up to 48 hours.

Logo digitizing is the same as other embroidery digitizing. You must be thinking about why logo digitization is so considerable? because a brand logo is its identity that speaks more than anything. It is a visual representation of any organisation or brand.

Some free embroidery digitizing software are Hatch, Sophie Sew, Ink/Stitch, Embrid, My Editor, Bernina Artlink, Brother Embroidery Software, TrueSizer.

Expenditure to digitize a logo depends on number of stitches and color of threads that are used for making a logo. Usually, a logo has a well-defined company name and a mark. If there are complicated patterns or letters, charge will be high. Moreover, the charges of a logo does not depend only on the artist's work but also depends on the profit that any corporate is getting from this logo. If a corporate exhibits its logo to a large audience and earns in millions then it will pay more than any no profitable organization.

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